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The National Directory of
Family-Run & Youth-Guided Organizations
for Children’s Behavioral Health

The National Alliance on Mental Illness of Massachusetts (NAMI-MA)

Mailing Address:
400 W. Cummings Park, Suite 6650
Woburn, MA 01801-6528

Phone: 781-938-4048
Fax: 781-938-4069

Contact Person: Laura Martinelli, Executive Director


Web Site: http://www.namimass.org

Population Served:
Child Welfare,Mental Illness/Mental Health

The National Alliance on Mental Illness of Massachusetts (NAMI Mass) is a nonprofit grassroots advocacy, education and support organization. Founded in 1982 and obtaining 501(c) status in 1991, the mission of NAMI Mass is to support individuals with mental illness and their families; advocate for nondiscriminatory and equitable federal, state and private-sector policies; and educate the public to eliminate the pervasive stigma surrounding mental illness. The state's voice on mental illness, NAMI Mass, with 22 local chapters and over 2,500 members is comprised of individuals with mental illness, family members and others in the mental health community. The chapters are located throughout the Commonwealth.

The NAMI Family-to-Family is a 12 week course for family caregivers of individuals with mental illness. The Family-to-Family curriculum utilizes a variety of teaching techniques and includes a broad range of topics such as: Information about specific disorders; coping skills, handling crisis and relapse; listening and communication techniques; problem solving and limit setting; rehabilitation. Children's Challenging Behavior is a one-day workshop for families and others that provide information on childhood mental health disorders and offers strategies for home and school along with resources and information that offer hope and encouragement for today. NAMI Basics is the new signature six class education program for parents and other caregivers of children and adolescents living with mental illnesses who developed the symptoms of mental illness prior to the age of 13. NAMI In Our Own Voice (IOOV)is a presentation given by trained people in recovery. It includes a videotape, personal testimony and discussion. It enriches the audience's understanding of how people in recovery cope with the reality of their illnesses while recovering and reclaiming productive lives. NAMI Connection is a weekly peer recovery support group for people in recovery where experiences, coping strategies, and encouragement and understanding are shared. NAMI Family Support Group for Caregivers is a monthly support group for family members and other caregivers of individuals with mental illness. NAMI Connections and NAMI Family support group for caregivers are facilitated by trained volunteer peers and are located all across the Commonwealth. The NAMI Mass helpline is where callers find an empathetic ear with a helpful yet professional demeanor. We listen and direct them to the resources they need. Our resource library has many publications (some in Spanish and Chinese)all available to the public free of charge. NAMI Mass' Legislative Priorities for 2010-2011 are: 1)Restore funding to the Department of Mental Health; 2)Preserve Access to Appropriate Medications; 3) Promote Housing for People with Mental Illness; 4) Encourage Jail Diversion and Coordinated Re-Entry Services from the Criminal Justice System; and 5) Establish a Comprehensive Children's Mental Health Service System.

Organization role:
• Provide family to family or youth to youth support on an individual family or youth level (e.g., peer-to-peer, family support partners, parent navigators)
• Sponsor/run support groups for families or youth
• Provide education to families or youth on issues of interest
• Provide training and mentoring of family members or youth (e.g., to assume leadership roles, act as provider)
• Provide training and presentations to system of care/child serving agencies or community
• Organize conferences
• Participate in child serving system/system of care policy-making and leadership groups
• Participate in child serving system/system of care management meetings
• Provide advocacy

Organization type:
• A statewide family-run chapter of a national organization

Region(s) served:
• Statewide

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