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Quick Guide for Self-Assessement of Family-Run Organizations in Systems of Care
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The National Directory of
Family-Run & Youth-Guided Organizations
for Children’s Behavioral Health

National Alliance on Mental Illness NAMI Nebraska

Mailing Address:
415 South 25th Avenue, Bldg LH
Omaha, NE 68131

Phone: 402-345-8101

Contact Person: Jonah Deppe

Web Site: http://www.naminebraska.org/about-us/

Population Served:
Serious Emotional and Behavioral Disturbances,Mental Illness/Mental Health,Transition-aged Youth

NAMI-Nebraska is a nonprofit, grassroots organization dedicated to education, support and advocacy for anyone whose life has been touched by mental illness.

NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness. NAMI Nebraska provides statewide support to families and friends of individuals with mental illness. We also educate the public about mental illness using literature, speaking engagements, videos, workshops, conferences and this website. In addition, through ongoing communication with mental health professionals and public officials, we are seeking to improve and expand mental health services. We advocate for statewide mental health reform, equitable medical insurance, affordable housing, employment and civil liberties.

Organization role:
• Provide family to family or youth to youth support on an individual family or youth level (e.g., peer-to-peer, family support partners, parent navigators)
• Sponsor/run support groups for families or youth
• Recruit family members or youth for positions within child serving agencies
• Provide advocacy

Organization type:
• A statewide family-run chapter of a national organization

Region(s) served:
• Statewide

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