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Quick Guide for Self-Assessement of Family-Run Organizations in Systems of Care
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The National Directory of
Family-Run & Youth-Guided Organizations
for Children’s Behavioral Health

David Hoy & Associates

Mailing Address:
8401 Wayzata Blvd
Golden Valley, MN 55426

Phone: 763-544-1006
Fax: 763-544-1008

Contact Person: Sandra Hoy


Web Site: http://www.david@davidhoy.com

The program’s goal is to improve school attendance and success, increase social, emotional and behavioral skills, decrease violent behaviors, reduce out of home placements, decrease substance abuse, and increase family satisfaction and quality of life. We have been in existence since 1997.

We have been under contract with Hennepin County and received provider status with the State of Minnesota as a Children’s Rehabilitative Mental Health Services Provider beginning in October of 2002. Our interventions are most often systems focused including the individual, family, extended family and their community (i.e. school, hospital, treatment centers, corrections, family and children’s services, court systems etc.). In some cases we treat primarily the identified client where it would be counterproductive to treat their system. These cases are the exception. Services provided range from skills work to therapy to diagnostic assessments to psychological testing. Every family is treated on an individual basis. Treatment goals and plans are tailored to fit the family’s specific needs. Family input is crucial to this process. We gather information regarding the family’s strengths and needs in relationship to their environment, culture, mental health, spirituality and community. We use their strengths as levers for change. We make periodic calls to the family during services to assess how the service is going and if they feel they are getting their needs met. At the end of services, in a closure meeting, families are asked to complete a survey questionnaire that addresses individual/family satisfaction of services and asks for feedback regarding how/what we can do to improve.

Organization role:
• Provide family to family or youth to youth support on an individual family or youth level (e.g., peer-to-peer, family support partners, parent navigators)
• Provide contracted direct services (e.g., respite, care management)
• Provide education to families or youth on issues of interest
• Provide training and presentations to system of care/child serving agencies or community
• Participate in child serving system/system of care policy-making and leadership groups
• Provide advocacy
• Conduct social marketing

Organization type:
• A local family-run organization without national or statewide affiliation

Region(s) served:
• Regional

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