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Quick Guide for Self-Assessement of Family-Run Organizations in Systems of Care
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The National Directory of
Family-Run & Youth-Guided Organizations
for Children’s Behavioral Health


Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 5557
Bellevue, WA 98006

Phone: 206-407-3666
Fax: 206-260-3606

Contact Person: Ron Jaeger


Web Site: http://www.wadads.org

Population Served:

Population Other:
male caregivers of children

to encourage and educate Dads and their families raising children with emotional, behavioral and mental health concerns

WADADS are committed to improving the lives of others by collaborating with existing organizations and exchanging lessons learned through shared experience. We offer two training retreats a year with a variety of speakers and information to help in the care of our children. These weekends are a great way to relax, and make common bonds. Besides our training weekends we have statewide support groups, a buddy system to support dads that are close geographically, and recently have started an exciting CIT training program to help the law enforcement community better understand our children.

Organization role:
• Provide family to family or youth to youth support on an individual family or youth level (e.g., peer-to-peer, family support partners, parent navigators)
• Sponsor/run support groups for families or youth
• Provide education to families or youth on issues of interest
• Provide training and presentations to system of care/child serving agencies or community
• Recruit family members or youth for positions within child serving agencies
• Organize conferences
• Participate in child serving system/system of care policy-making and leadership groups
• Provide advocacy
• Conduct social marketing

Organization type:
• A statewide family-run organization

Region(s) served:
• Statewide

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